Eyes where you need them,

on the ground and in the air

crwdLENS lets you summon and direct a drone or mobile video from our crowd of contributors


crwdLENS gives you access to our crowd's fleet of drones and mobile devices when you need them.  Don't hassle with drone maintenance or FAA restrictions and local laws.  The crwdLENS platform and its operators make remote video simple, you just need to tell us where and when you would like to capture video.

Typical requests on the crwdLENS platform include:

  • Aerial view of your home (real-estate shots, gutter and roof check, etc.)

  • Check on construction progress or the condition of another property you own

  • Scope out a location or property before you visit

  • Watch and record an event you can't attend

  • Capture aerial video for your own media productions

We are actively expanding into new regions, so check back often or consider becoming a pilot or mobile device contributor in your area 

Aerial View of a Drone

Not sure what a drone overhead is doing? 

We know it can be unsettling to have a drone fly overhead.  We believe any video capture in public should be available to everyone who may have their privacy compromised.  If a crwdLENS drone or mobile device is capturing video within 1,000ft of your home or your mobile, we'll patch you in to the live video and let you chat with the pilot/producer and requesting party.


Note: you will need to register your home's location or an area near your home in order to be notified of video capture nearby

Available on IOS only today: download