About crwdLENs and VS Drones Inc.

VS Drones Inc. aims to create simple but disruptive experiences that orchestrate operations, technology and people.  We focus on jobs-to-be-done and non-consumption resulting from complexity, we design our customer experience vision and then work backwards, often through trial and error, to discover and support the products we offer.

We created crwdLENS to bring responsible remote vision to life through any video capture device - in our current implementation that means drones and mobile phones.


Core to our values is that of transparency.  Like you, we don't like it when a drone flies over head without knowing who's operating it and what they're doing.  We believe that everyone who's privacy may be impacted by a drone should have the option to monitor and communicate with those involved.  Our platform is build from the ground up with this concept universally applied - whenever video capture is occurring on our platform, the stream and a chat room with those involved are available to everyone within proximity (including proximity to your home if you've registered your neighborhood).

We love drones, but we also realize the hassles of drone maintenance and the complexity of FAA and local restrictions on drone operation are preventing most people from taking advantage of them.  We believe that making basic video requests simple and transparent, and ultimately available through an API, we will change the world.

crwdLENS is our mobile app that enables producers, who are either drone pilots or mobile phone owners, to share their line of sight with others.  crwdLENS is the only platform that combines drone and mobile video on demand and has privacy and transparency at its core.  The app helps pilots find and deliver services to customers and we help casual mobile phone operators make efficient use of their downtime.


crwdLENS allows customers to either pre-select the video capture's criteria (location, angle and path) or live Remote Direct the drone or mobile device.  We enable live drone Remote Directing using a pilot specified geo fence for safety and forward the requestor's commands so long as the pilot deems it safe to continue.  Live Remote Directing of a mobile phone is enabled through augmented reality that communicates the requestors' desired line of sight.

We are building new features and improving the stability of the platform as we go.  This has been a boot strapped entity from the beginning and we are currently in beta so please be patient and send us your feedback

Meet The Founding Team


Ryan Andersen

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Founder of VS Drones Inc., Ryan is an experienced technology leader with a passion for digital platforms, strategy and operations.  He has over 10 years software development experience in Aerospace, FinServ, and Tech and equivalent time in management consulting and similar roles running innovation, corporate, market and competitive strategy.


Ryan holds a masters degree in EECS from MIT and is an MIT Sloan MBA and Leaders for Global Operations (LGO/LFM) alumni  


Ryan lives in the Boston metro area with his wife and kids


Zaroking Carvajal

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Co-founder of VS Drones Inc., Zaroking is an innovative and accomplished Product Marketing and Product Management leader with proven record launching new innovative products.  Skillful marketer with vast experience defining communication and go-to-market strategies to promote product adoption.  Previously, Zaroking led product marketing and management in global telecom carries.


Zaroking holds a MBA from Duke University and a B.S.E.E.


Zaroking lives in the DC metro area, with his wife and twin boys


Andrew Baca

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Andrew is VS Drones' legal chief. For more than a decade Andrew has counseled technology companies on intellectual property matters relevant to their businesses.  He worked in large IP practices in Boston and California and in a corporate office of a public technology company


Andrew is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and holds B.S. in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech.


Andrew resides in the Greater Salt Lake area with his family