Drone above an Ocean

If you own a DJI drone and have a remote pilot license or certificate, we hope you'll join us as a pilot

How it works:

  1. Download the crwdLENS app and create an account

  2. Register as a producer and indicate your coverage area(s) along with the pricing/rates you feel make sense for your lifestyle

  3. Either wait to be notified of requests meeting your criteria or take a more active role and begin broadcasting on crwdLENS with your drone and allow users to request live directing control

  4. We support three simple missions on the platform: pre-programmed routes (built by the customer), remote directed (customer remotely sends live gimbal and virtual stick commands), and pilot freeform

  5. Upon beginning a pre-programmed or remote directed flight, fly to a safe operational altitude and specify a geo fence (virtual area) where the platform can safely operate your drone - you remain the pilot in charge, moving any joystick will pause the platform's control

  6. During your crwdLENS flight, live video is broadcast and recorded on the platform, and upon flight completion, the high resolution videos are uploaded and delivered to the customer through the app to complete the job for payment

  7. If any crwdLENS users living nearby are concerned about the drone's flight, they are given the real-time video feed and access to post to and read your live chat session with the customer - we don’t believe in anonymity when capturing video from public airspace

  8. crwdLENS passes about 80% of the customer's payment to your account and keeps the remaining to cover expenses.  Account payouts to you can be automated or requested manually

More complex missions could be completed using crwdLENS, but we think you can probably find a better platform for that – we aim to make easy missions quick and painless for both you and your clients

Supported Drone Models:​

We currently support the following DJI drones:

Phantom 4



Other DJI models may work, but they are not currently being testing

Available on iPhone only: download